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  • Stephen Pacala

    Stephen W. Pacala, Chair, Founding Board Member

    Princeton University

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  • Wendy Schmidt headshot - updated 10-10-22

    Wendy Schmidt, Corporate Secretary, Founding Board Member

    The Schmidt Family Foundation

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  • Michael Oppenheimer Headshot

    Michael Oppenheimer, Vice Chair

    Princeton University

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  • Decker Anstrom Headshot

    Decker Anstrom

    Landmark Communications

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  • Carl Ferenbach Headshot

    Carl Ferenbach

    High Meadows Institute

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  • Marcelino Ford-Livene headshot

    Marcelino Ford-Livene

    Royal Bank of Canada

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  • Randall Hack headshot

    Randall Hack

    Capstone Capital, LLC

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  • Robert Litterman Headshot

    Robert Litterman

    Kepos Capital

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  • Vivian Schiller

    Vivian Schiller

    Aspen Institute

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  • Benjamin Strauss headshot

    Benjamin Strauss

    CEO and Chief Scientist

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  • Jessica Cashdan headshot

    Jessica Cashdan

    Senior Vice President for Development

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  • Shari Head Shot

    Shari Bell

    VP for Content Creation

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  • Dan Dodson

    Dan Dodson

    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Karen Florini Headshot

    Karen Florini

    Senior Advisor

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  • Peter Girard_head shot

    Peter Girard

    VP for External Communications

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  • Andrew Pershing headshot

    Andrew Pershing

    Chief Program Officer

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  • Headshot - Bernadette Woods Placky

    Bernadette Woods Placky

    Chief Meteorologist, Climate Matters Director, VP of Engagement

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  • Jennifer Brady headshot

    Jennifer Brady

    Senior Data Analyst and Research Manager

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  • Helen Brush Headshot

    Helen Brush

    Research and Communications Fellow

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  • Lauren Casey

    Lauren Casey


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  • Ousman Cheek headshot

    Ousman Cheek

    Rita Allen Civic Science Fellow

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  • Julia Clover Headshot

    Julie Clover

    Director of Foundation Relations

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  • Raina DeFonza - smaller photo

    Raina DeFonza

    Researcher and Writer

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  • Julia Diggs

    Julia Diggs

    Digital Content Manager

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  • jennifer duran headshot

    Jennifer Durán

    Senior Major Gifts Officer

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  • JuliaElman

    Julia Elman

    Research and Communications Fellow

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  • Erika Freimuth headshot

    Erika Freimuth

    Managing Editor and Writer

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  • Joseph Giguere headshot

    Joseph Giguere

    Research Associate

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  • Daniel Gilford headshot

    Daniel Gilford

    Climate Scientist

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  • Nathaniel Giraldi

    Nathaniel Giraldi

    Director Of Software Engineering

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  • Andy Goodman Headshot

    Andy Goodman

    Senior Fellow

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  • Leila Hadj-Chikh headshot

    Leila Hadj-Chikh

    Senior Software Developer, Program on Sea Level Rise

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  • Anne Hayes headshot

    Anne Hayes

    Senior Director of Development

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  • Dominique Jones

    Dominique Jones

    Director for Administration and Legal Advisor

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  • Sasha Katsnelson

    Sasha Katsnelson

    Product Manager and Director, Realtime Climate

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  • Richard Kim

    Richard Kim

    Technical Product Manager

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  • Dan Krueger Headshot

    Dan Krueger

    Project Manager & Technical Field Producer, FloodVision

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  • Scott Kulp headshot

    Scott Kulp

    Principal Computational Scientist

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  • Eric Larson headshot

    Eric Larson

    Senior Scientist, Energy Systems

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  • Megan Martin

    Megan Martin

    Senior Visual Content Producer

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  • Tomer Reiter

    Tomer Reiter

    Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

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  • Dan Rizza headshot

    Dan Rizza

    Director, Program on Sea Level Rise

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  • Reggie Roth Headshot

    Regie Roth

    Senior Operations Manager, Development

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  • Rad Slabinksi headshot

    Radoslaw Slabinski

    Systems Administrator

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  • Arielle Tannenbaum headshot

    Arielle Tannenbaum

    Program Manager for Attribution Science

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  • Claudia Tebaldi - 3-10-2023

    Claudia Tebaldi

    Senior Science Advisor

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  • Kaitlyn Trudeau - September 2023

    Kaitlyn Trudeau

    Senior Research Associate, Climate Science

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  • John Upton headshot

    John Upton

    Partnership Journalism Editor

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  • Kelly Van Baalen headshot

    Kelly Van Baalen

    Project Manager, Program on Sea Level Rise

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  • Abbie Veitch headshot

    Abbie Veitch

    Weather and Climate Media Associate

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  • Kelley Wilderman

    Kelley Widerman

    Director of Annual Giving

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  • Shel Winkley

    Shel Winkley

    Weather & Climate Engagement Specialist, Meteorologist

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  • Michelle Young Headshot

    Michelle Young

    Climate Impacts Research Associate

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