Shari Bell

Senior Director, Special Projects

Shari Bell brings to her role as Senior Director, Special Projects a long and eclectic career in developing and executing new initiatives, telling stories and building relationships. She puts that experience to use at Climate Central piloting new projects, creating content and engaging in strategic partnerships, including those in targeted geographic regions and communities.

Previously, Shari worked for more than two decades as a national award-winning journalist and broadcast media executive, spanning sports to news documentaries to the first weekly network magazine show devoted to covering climate change. She’s reported stories from Olympic venues to war zones to the sites of environmental catastrophes. Shari launched her own strategic communications company, with a focus on health messaging. Along the way she completed graduate studies in research on climate communications.

Shari is based in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, having spent much of her career in Atlanta, Georgia and at Climate Central headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey. Her perfect day includes watching an afternoon baseball game at Kauffman Stadium.