Andrew Pershing


Andrew Pershing, Ph.D. is director of climate science at Climate Central, focusing on expanding public awareness and understanding of climate science across disciplines. His role includes bridging primary research and media analysis of findings and impacts to amplify critical work on climate change and make it accessible to audiences around the world. As a scientist, Pershing has led interdisciplinary research teams to study the impact of global warming on marine ecosystems in the northwest Atlantic. More recently, his work has focused on how climate trends interact with decisions that people make. He was the lead author for the Oceans and Marine Resources chapter of the Fourth U.S. National Climate Assessment. As a communicator, Pershing has deep experience working with journalists to present climate science on air and in print, including featured interviews on NPR and in the New York Times, The Guardian, and the Boston Globe.
Previously Pershing served as chief scientific officer for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, where he headed the Climate Change Ecology Lab. He was also a member of the University of Maine faculty, as associate professor of oceanography in the School of Marine Sciences. Pershing holds a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from Cornell University and a B.S. in aquatic biology from Brown University.

Selected Publications

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