Claudia Tebaldi

Senior Science Advisor

Dr. Tebaldi collaborates with Climate Central's Climate Science and Impacts group and provides scientific oversight and advice on the organization's programs. She is a scientist with the Joint Global Change Research Institute (PNNL), and her research interests include the analysis of observations and climate model output in order to characterize observed and projected climatic changes and their uncertainties, with the goal of making this information useful for the modeling and estimation of socio-economic and environmental impacts. She has published papers on detection and attribution, on extreme value analysis, future projections at regional scales, the use of multiple climate model projections, benefits of mitigation, and impacts of climate change on agriculture and human health. She is currently a lead author of the sixth Assessment report of the IPCC, in Working Group 1. She has a Ph.D. in statistics from Duke University and was a researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research for most of her career before moving to JGCRI in the summer of 2019.

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