Bernadette Woods Placky

Chief Meteorologist, Climate Matters Director, VP of Engagement

Bernadette Woods Placky is Climate Central’s VP for Engagement, Chief Meteorologist, and directs the Climate Matters program where she helps the public understand the importance of climate change science, impacts, and solutions. In her role, she develops partnerships with media organizations, non-profits, and academic institutions; leads a team that creates weekly, local data and other reporting resources for a large and growing network of media professionals; and serves as an expert on the links between climate change and weather.

Bernadette previously worked for more than a decade as a TV meteorologist, where she won an Emmy for Best Weathercaster. Other awards include being named an AMS fellow and Penn State Earth and Mineral Science fellow.

She’s been elected to the AMS Council, National Academy Board of Atmospheric Science and Climate, chairs the Penn State Meteorology and Atmospheric Science advisory committee, is on The Weather Channel’s Pattrn Board, and is a science advisor for C-Change Conversations. She also serves on the Princeton Wrestling Club Board. Bernadette previously served on the Penn State GEMS and Watershed Institution Boards.

Bernadette graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Meteorology and a minor in French.