NewsJuly 24, 2012

Times Review: 'Global Weirdness' is a Winner

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By Climate Central

As Climate Central’s first book project, “Global Weirdness,” hit the bookstores on Tuesday, it might not meet the approval of Nostradamus, but it did get an endorsement from an even bigger force in the universe (of books, anyway): a New York Times book review.



Calling it “slim and elegant,” Times reviewer Dwight Garner contrasted it with the dark and esoteric new translation of Nostradamus’s “Prophesies.” Sure, there is some gloom in our news that seas could rise 2 to 6 feet, but Garner hails “Global Weirdness” for presenting the facts that we know about climate change in prophesies anyone can understand.

“That is, it’s a book, written in the kind of plain English of which Strunk and White would approve, that lays out what we know about climate change while hewing to the facts and taking great care to avoid bias and hysteria,” Garner writes.

“Global Weirdness” has been received to great acclaim in numerous reviews, including praise from Times columnist Mark Bittman, who lauded the book’s “intentionally calm” tone and called it a welcome addition to the public discourse.

As the Times said, “Global Weirdness” lays out all the facts, and we lay out all the facts about our book. For more book reviews, where to get the book, an excerpt andvideos from one of the main authors, check out our new book page.