September 5, 2023

Climate Events Analysis

Using the Climate Shift Index maps, Climate Central issues alerts when there’s a notable heat event around the world that was made more likely by human-caused climate change. 

The following examples were published in the summer of 2023.

Previous Climate Shift Index alerts

About the Climate Shift Index

Climate Central’s Climate Shift Index®, grounded in the latest peer-reviewed science, maps the influence of climate change on temperatures across the globe, every day. 

Climate Shift Index levels indicate how much human-caused climate change has altered the frequency of daily temperatures at a particular location. Level 1 indicates that climate change is detectable in that day’s temperature. Level 2 means that climate change made exceptionally warm temperatures in a given location at least twice as likely. Level 5 is the maximum and indicates temperatures at least 5 times more likely because of climate change.

For these analyses, forecast temperatures come from NOAA’s Global Forecast System model, and past actual temperatures come from the ERA5 dataset.