Glen Denny

Director of Commercial Development

Glen Denny is the Director of Commercial Development at Climate Central. He plays a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s mission and impact by opening new markets and revenue streams that help to meaningfully connect audiences with the unique climate data generated by Climate Central scientists.

Glen’s expertise lies in bridging the gap between science, technology, and commercial market development. As a seasoned business executive, he has dedicated the majority of his career to the climate arena. His notable achievements include forging new content partnerships that have significantly advanced the integration of climate- and weather-related digital solutions into the operations of organizations across various industries.

Prior to his tenure at Climate Central, Glen led the digital expansion for Baron Weather. There, he assembled a team focused on supplying mission-critical digital weather intelligence products and services globally. His exceptional negotiation skills led to successful license agreements with industry giants such as Boeing, Verizon, Toyota/Lexus, NASA, and Geico, among others.

Glen also played an instrumental role in driving the growth of The Weather Channel Companies. During his [ten] years at The Weather Channel Company, he managed all media corporate relationships and negotiated licenses with most every TV network and station ownership group in North America. He also launched an innovative traffic product line to complement the weather systems for the media.

Having begun his career in television, Glen worked behind the scenes, managing the program, production, and technology teams in the execution of live news, sports, programming, and commercial post-production. Glen spent the majority of his media career with Pulitzer Broadcasting, Hearst Television, and Internet Broadcasting Systems.