Tornadoes & Climate Change

As tornadoes tear across the country in the first big outbreak of the year, we look at the state of the science surrounding tornadoes and climate change.

Below are some resources and multimedia tools.

Recent Severe Weather Webinar

On April 22nd, Climate Central hosted a severe weather and climate change webinar with Harold Brooks from NOAA's National Severe Storms Laboratory. Here are a few slides from that presentation. If you would like to see more, please contact Bernadette Woods Placky at

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Additional Tornado-Related Resources


What's the connection between tornadoes and climate change? Some answers from NOAA climate scientist Deke Arndt and meteorologist Dan Satterfield. WATCH >>


How and why do tornadoes form? And is there a link between tornadoes and climate change? Climate scientist Deke Arndt explains. WATCH >>


A graphical look at how much we know and how reliable our observations are for various extreme weather trends, including tornadoes. VIEW >>


Climate Central’s Tornado Tracker, an interactive map displaying tornado activity from June 1, 2004 to date (updated hourly). EXPLORE >>


New story from Climate Central: "Extreme Tornado Swings: What Holds the Key?" READ >>


Our latest research report details the connection between extreme weather, power outages and climate change. EXPLORE >>

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