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The AMS created the Committee to Improve Climate Change Communication to explore views on climate change. They recently conducted a survey of AMS members, and here is a look at the results in early online release form for BAMS.

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Least Active Hurricane Season in 30 Years

Sea Level Rise Experts Concerned About 'High End' Scenarios

Storms, Warming Mean More Arctic Methane Being Released

USGS created this interactive portal that allows you to view and create images from a statistically downscaled global climate model.


NASA is serving up a Thanksgiving treat from space. Tune in and see the comet ISON as it passes very close to the sun on Thanksgiving Day.


Climate Smart - this video takes you through NOAA's climate outlooks.


NOAA's Science on a Sphere just landed in its 100 location. Click here to read more.

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Happy Thanksgiving, ! Here's a look at your Thanksgiving from a climate context. http://bit.ly/

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Most of us think of Thanksgiving as an indoor holiday, when we gather around the dinner table for turkey, stuffing and the rest. But that's just the dinner. For the thousands of football fans cheering in stadiums or playing their own turkey bowl, for the people lining parade routes in dozens of major cities, or for the millions who will be travelling, what's going on outside can have a big impact on their holiday - as the storm moving out of the South Central states is already showing.

The weather on Thanksgiving Day can vary a lot from year to year and this graphic takes a look at some of those extremes: record highs, lows, rain, and in some cases, snow.

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