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Recent Heavy Precipitation Events

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Very heavy rain fell in Missouri overnight, including metropolitan Kansas City. Radar estimated amounts between 3-7 inches fell in the western part of the state since 8pm CT Wednesday. Specifically, 4.37 inches fell in Kansas City in the last 24 hours.


Several smaller waterways which flooded in greater Kansas City have already crested overnight and are starting to fall, but numerous water rescues occurred, and parts of Interstates 35 and 70 were closed. Several primary and secondary roads remain closed, mainly east and south of Kansas City.


heavy downpours


You can find visuals of the annual trends in heavy precipitation for your state by using the drop down menu for your market here >>



Above is a graphic illustrating our heavy precipitation analysis, indicating an upward trend in the number of heavy precipitation events in the Lower 48 states since 1950. The increase is greatest in Missouri, Iowa, and Wyoming.


Heavy rain is forecast to shift to the Middle Atlantic this weekend, with 3-6 inches of rain expected in parts of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.


Many locations in the Midwest, Northeast, and Gulf Coast are having one of their 10 wettest summers on record so far, with northern Illinois being especially wet.

Increasing heavy precipitation is one of the strongest indications of climate change. As the world warms from the increase of greenhouse gases, there is an increase in evaporation, as a warmer atmosphere allows for more evaporation, and in turn, more water available as precipitation. Below are some links to graphics to help with tie together the weather and climate connection.


Alternatively, visually examine the trends in statewide heavy precipitation events by decade here >>


Increases in runoff are expected to increase in a warming world, with some of the largest runoff projections in parts of the Midwest, Plains, and East Coast >>


For more local trends in precipitation and temperature in your market, visit >>


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