NewsMarch 6, 2013

Storm Spares D.C., Pounds Coast With Wind, Water

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Andrew Freedman

By Andrew Freedman

In the end, the only D.C. and Baltimore residents that wound up digging out of this storm were the area's weather forecasters, who now have to answer for the 0.2 inches of slush that fell, despite a forecast of 5 to 10 inches of snow. Yet the storm has overperformed in two key respects — it has deposited a crushing slab of snow to the higher elevations of Virginia and Maryland, where close to 2 feet fell, and it is posing a more formidable coastal flood threat than projected just 24 hours ago. That threat of flooding exists from Delaware northward into Massachusetts, as the coast stands to be battered by high winds, pounding surf, and a storm surge that could average between 2 to 4 feet in many spots, but may exceed that in some locations.

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