Extreme Halloween: Ghoulish Weather Records

By Climate Central

Hopefully your pumpkin is carved, the candy bowl is full and you haven't overdosed on candy corn yet because Friday is Halloween. This year's holiday has already set one record for the number of costumes that Americans purchased, including a whopping $350 million on pet costumes. But we happen to be interested in some other records, specifically the trick or treat of weather extremes.

Find your city in the drop-down menu below to see just how hot or cold it has gotten on the most ghoulish day of the year. And if you're in a cold weather locale, be sure to see how much snow has graced the ground on All Hallows' Eves past.

This year, some locations could be in store for some weather tricks. The National Weather Service has issued freeze warnings in the central Midwest and winter storm warnings in California's Sierra Nevada (though many there might consider precipitation there a treat).

While the impacts of climate change are difficult to detect against the variability of a single day’s climate, regionally averaged observations show that falls are getting warmer in the U.S. and the first frost of the season is coming later. The amount of warming differs by region, but across the entire country this time of year is getting warmer. 


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