NewsJune 14, 2012

Coverage Around the Nation Warms to 'The Heat is On'

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By Climate Central

Climate Central’s report “The Heat Is On: U.S. Temperature Trends,” which analyzes state-by-state warming across the continental U.S., has been reported by media outlets across the nation. The report has been featured in more than 150 print and online outlets, and in more than 40 TV and radio broadcasts, including The New York Times, Huffington Post, Associated Press, MSNBC and NPR. Below is a sampling of that coverage.


New York Times
A State-by-State Climate Map

Huffington Post
States’ Warming Analyzed in Climate Central Report

Washington Post
Report: Climate warming has accelerated in U.S. since 1970, including in Va., Md.

Washington Post
Global warming in America: Arizona’s heating up the fastest, Florida the slowest

Associated Press
Minn., Wis. Among Fastest Warming States

New Research: U.S. Is Warming, But Not Uniformly

The Weather Channel
Fastest Warming U.S. States

CBS 6 – Richmond, Virginia
CLIMATE: U.S. temperature study shows accelerated warming in recent decades

KQED Climate Watch
Mapping the Patchwork of U.S. Warming Trends

Minnesota Star Tribune
In Minn., a 40-year warming trend

St. Paul Pioneer Press
The heat is on: Minnesota temps among fastest rising, new study says

Wisconsin La Crosse Tribune
Minn, Wis among fastest warming states

The Atlantic
Map of the Day: The State of a Warming America
Every state in the U.S. has gotten hotter since 1970

InsideClimate News
Warming Accelerated Dramatically Across U.S. Since 1970

Mother Nature Network
What’s the fastest-warming state in the U.S.?

Think Progress
The Heat is On: U.S. Temperature Rise Is Accelerating

TV COVERAGE (more than 40)

MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show
WATCH: The heat that creeps beats chiefly near Phoenix

CBS 5 – Phoenix, Arizona
Report: It’s not your imagination, AZ is getting hotter

Fox – Providence, Rhode Island
Rhode Island: Fastest warming US state