November 30, 2023

Climate Central at COP28, Dubai, UAE

COP28, the United Nations Climate Conference, begins on November 30 in Dubai, UAE.  World leaders and thousands of climate experts are gathering to review progress toward goals established in the 2015 Paris Agreement and discuss an array of related topics.

CEO and Chief Scientist Dr. Benjamin Strauss and Vice President for Science Dr. Andrew Pershing will represent Climate Central in Dubai to present our latest research.


Climate data, science and services for better health featuring Climate Central Vice President for Science Andrew Pershing: December 5, 2:15am-3:30am ET / 11:15am-12:30pm Gulf Standard Time (Thematic Arena 2, Blue Zone) livestream from WHO

Climate data and science play an indispensable role in understanding the impacts of climate change on health and the need to build adaptive capacity and resilience in the health sector. Key examples and advances in climate attribution and health impact statistics will illustrate where and how climate science, partnerships and investments can make a critical difference in understanding and enhancing health system resilience to weather, climate, and environmental hazards.

There is no 'new normal': How climate attribution science can strengthen early warning systems featuring Climate Central Vice President for Science Andrew Pershing: December 6, 12:00am-1:00am ET / 9:00am-10:00am Gulf Standard Time (Science for Climate Action Pavilion) livestream from WMO

Extreme weather is the primary way that people experience climate change. However, many people still don’t understand the basic scientific connections—that our current emissions trajectory means future events will be increasingly more frequent and/or severe.  This session will review the latest global research about the public understanding of climate change and extreme weather, highlight gaps and opportunities, and showcase advances and new tools (such as the Climate Shift Index) to quantify the role of climate change.

Attributing extreme weather to climate change: Communicating with the public to accelerate action featuring Climate Central CEO and Chief Scientist Benjamin Strauss: December 11, 7:45am-9:15am ET / 4:45pm-6:15pm Gulf Standard Time (Side Event Room 6, Blue Zone) recording will be available from the U.N. at

Attribution science reveals the influence of climate change on extreme weather events and projects future risks and vulnerabilities to human health and well-being. Quantifying and communicating this influence can support COP28 negotiations to accelerate local adaptation and preparedness. 


Climate Central's attribution and sea level rise work will be on display, December 10-11 at Blue Zone exhibit booth #11, with interactive maps quantifying the influence of climate change on local temperatures virtually everywhere, every day, and showing sea level rise and coastal flood risk projections worldwide, based on CoastalDEM elevation data. The exhibit will also feature visualized sea level rise projections from the Picturing Our Future library.

CM: Picturing Our Future Dubai 2023 (EN)



Time: The Power of Data to Fight Climate Destruction (Climate Central founding board member Wendy Schmidt and CEO & Chief Scientist Benjamin Strauss) "As COP28 kicks off, it’s essential to keep in mind the role of attribution science as a tool not only to show why we need to shut down climate pollution, but also to identify the unequal effects of global heating, and catalyze efforts to address them."