Climate MattersMarch 27, 2023

Baseball Opening Day


  • Ballpark weather is becoming more extreme as the baseball season warms due to climate change.

  • Since 1970, the average temperature during the Major League Baseball (MLB) season (March to October) has warmed by 2.2°F on average across the 27 MLB cities. 

  • As temperatures increase, so do the frequency of extreme heat and heavy rain events that can not only postpone games but put the health of players and fans at risk.

CM: National Baseball Seasons Temperatures 2023 (EN)
Click the downloadable graphic: National Baseball Season Temperatures


Temperature trends plot data from the Applied Climate Information System, based on a mathematical linear regression. MLB graphics use the average temperature during baseball season (March 30th – Oct 1st) in each of the 27 MLB cities (representing 30 teams) from 1970 to 2022.