January 30, 2024

Climate Central named 2024 Anthem Award winner


Global Climate Shift Index named best use of technology in the 2024 Anthem Awards

Princeton, N.J.—January 30, 2024—Today Climate Central's global Climate Shift Index was named one of the best uses of technology in the 2024 Anthem Awards, established to recognize the year's best purpose- and mission-driven work worldwide.

Awarded silver in the Sustainability, Environment & Climate category for its representation of the influence of climate change on local temperatures, the Climate Shift Index provides a clear indication of how human-caused global warming impacts the likelihood of any day's high, low, and average temperatures virtually anywhere on Earth.

The global Climate Shift Index map is publicly accessible (https://csi.climatecentral.org/csi-contour-map/), with detailed background information on the weather attribution science and the methodology beneath the daily, local findings.

More about this award, including the Anthem Awards' signature one-sentence acceptance speech by Climate Central's vice president for science, Dr. Andrew Pershing, is available at: https://www.anthemawards.com/winners/list/entry/#!sustainability-environment-climate/best-use-of-technology/global-climate-shift-index/1985/-1/462413

Presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, the Anthem Awards were launched to celebrate purpose- and mission-driven work from people, companies and organizations worldwide. More about the Anthem Awards is available at: https://www.anthemawards.com/

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