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    Climate Change on the Golf Course

    Response to Heat and Drought

    Golf courses are adapting to climate change by researching, developing, and installing turfgrasses that are more tolerant of extremes


    Climate Change on the Golf Course


    Ocean Finding Warns of Faster Global Warming

    Southern Ocean Sucking Up Less Carbon

    Scientists used state-of-the-art sensors to collect more data on the Southern Ocean than ever before, learning the ocean is absorbing less heat-trapping pollution than previously thought


    Ocean Finding Warns of Faster Global Warming


    Sea Level Rise to Swell Inland Population

    Could Bring Thousands to Arizona

    Arizona's low living costs and friendly culture make it an appealing state in which to settle, which could drive up its population as sea-level rise and fierce storms drive coastal residents inland


    Rising Seas Could Swell Arizona’s Population

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Explore preparedness actions each state is taking in relation to their current and future changes in climate threats.

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Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling

SOCCOM: Unlocking the mysteries of the Southern Ocean.


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