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Watch Rex Tillerson’s Confirmation Hearing Live

In what may be the most contentious hearing of any of President-elect Trump’s nominees, Wednesday marks the start of Rex Tillerson’s proceedings. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee could spend up to two days grilling Trump’s pick for Secretary of State.

Russia is likely to be a hot topic given Tillerson’s closeness with Russian President Vladimir Putin and CNN’s recent report that U.S. intelligence officials believe Trump could be compromised by Russian intelligence.

But climate change will also likely be front and center. The State Department has a roughly $1 billion budget to address climate change and is responsible for negotiating international climate agreements. Under Tillerson’s lead, oil giant ExxonMobil also turned from climate denial toward asking for a price on carbon and supporting the Paris Agreement. Those efforts have been both lauded and dubbed “all P.R.”

You can watch the whole hearing online.

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