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Louisiana flood anniversary and multimedia story

Greetings Meteorologists,


This weekend will mark the first anniversary of the devastating Louisiana floods that resulted from more than two feet of rain August 11-14, 2016. As was seen from the heavy rain in New Orleans last weekend, the state will likely become more susceptible to flooding from both heavy rain and sea level rise in the years to come. Observations indicate that heavy rain events are increasing in Louisiana.


heavy downpours


heavy downpours



These events do more than just physical damage, they impact the health of communities long after the waters have receded. We are releasing a special multimedia story today which documents these impacts from the perspective of Baton Rouge. Research from our World Weather Attribution program showed that climate change made this event 40 percent more likely to occur.


Below are some resources to help you expand on the story:


• World Weather Attribution report on the flooding event (in collaboration with NOAA)

Annual trends in statewide heavy rain >>

Decadal trends in statewide heavy rain >>

Historical Louisiana flood levels with sea level rise projections >>


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