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NOAA: 2nd hottest February on record globally

Greetings Meteorologists,

NOAA released its monthly global temperature analysis for February 2017 this morning. Over land and ocean surfaces combined, it was the 2nd hottest February on record. Records go back to 1880. Some highlights:


• This February was 1.76°F (0.98°C) above the 20th century average. The only February that was hotter was in 2016.

• When compared to the 20th century average, February was the 7th hottest of any month on record.

• The last February below the 20th century average was in 1976.

• The rate of the February temperature increase has doubled since 1980.

• 15 of the 20 warmest Februaries have come since 2000. None were before 1983.

• February 2017 is the 386th consecutive month when the global temperature was above the 20th century average.


To represent how much the temperature has changed since the early industrial area, we have combined this month’s NOAA and NASA analyses and adjusted them to a baseline of an 1881-1910 average, indicating that February was 2.38°F (1.32°C) above that average.


The enclosed graphic indicates land and ocean temperature percentiles from February 2017, highlighting the warmth in the eastern U.S., southern Africa, and eastern Australia.


temperature percentiles


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