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Coverage of Surging Seas Inundates the Nation

By Climate Central

Climate Central’s report, “Surging Seas”, has been featured by media across the country, and stories on the study have appeared in more than 900 broadcast reports, print and online publications. That includes featured coverage by the New York Times, The Associated Press, Reuters, NBC Nightly News, CBS News, CNN and PBS NewsHour. The following represent some of what those news outlets had to say:

New York Times
Rising Sea Levels Seen as Threat to Coastal U.S.

Miami Herald
Florida at Highest Risk for Flooding From Sea Level Rise, Report Finds

CBS News
Watch: Climate Change May Impact 4 Million

Floods Spurred by Rising Seas Threaten 5 Million

NBC Nightly
Watch: Rising Sea Levels Could Put Millions at Risk by 2030

The Associated Press
New Figures: More of U.S. at Risk to Sea Level Rise

PBS NewsHour
Watch: PBS Interview with Ben Strauss
Will Your City Be Underwater? There's a Map for That

Climate: A Valuable New Tool Lets You See Where the Sea Will Rise

Los Angeles Times
Rising Sea: Millions at Growing Risk of Flooding, Report Finds

Washington Post
Sea Level Rise From Global Warming Magnifies Coastal Flood Risk in D.C., mid-Atlantic

Christian Science Monitor
Sea Level Studies: U.S. Coasts Even More Vulnerable Than Previously Thought

Global Warming Could Cause More Frequent Flooding for 3.7 Million in U.S.

US News & World Report
Study: Rising Sea Level Threatens Homes of 4 Million Americans

Study: 5 Million Face Increased Flooding Risk

International Business Times
Global Warming: Surging Seas Levels Threaten U.S. Coasts: Study

Watch: Figures Show More of U.S. at Risk to Sea Level Rise

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
See Which South Florida Neighborhoods Will be Underwater

Are You in Harm's Way? Rising Seas Increase Flood Risk in California


By Laura Ludwig (Lincoln Park, Michigan 48146)
on March 16th, 2012

Why don’t you address the real issue which is Chem-trailing.
Our air, skies, land, all waters, people and animals are exposed to toxic chemicals and gasses by daily and aggressive and offensive aerosol spraying. I don’t even know the the sun looks like anymore. Do something about that!
All of these News outlets will not address the real truth of what is happening to the planet Earth. It is not the citizens of Earth but the Governments. They hoard the most resources, they force poisoned food and medicine on people, they rage black flag incidents to frighten people, they threaten mass genocide via agenda 21 and kyoto agreement, They allow mass corporation to bully the world, and the worse of it all is the daily and constant Chem-Trailing.
And how many billions of dollars are spent daily to terrorise people this way. And yet they claim to care about hunger and health care issues but waste valuable resource on poisonous chem-trails. How stupid is that?
If you cannot see or refuse to see that the governments are responsible for the Earths Woes, Than God help you.

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