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Climate Data Meets the Funny Pages at xkcd

Climate Central's data has appeared online, in newspapers, on TV, in front of Congress and in classrooms. Now we can add a new frontier: web comics. On Friday, xkcd featured Climate Central's analysis of extreme cold events in their Friday release. It's a timely reminder that while cold air has spread across much of the U.S. for second time this January, extreme cold events have become more rare in many cities across the country. Winter is also the fastest-warming season in the U.S. since 1912. For a glimpse at one possible future for winters in the U.S., check out the xkcd comic below.

Credit: xkcd

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By Dan
on January 24th, 2014

Awesome, I am a big xkcd fan so it’s great to see your data in Randall’s comic. 

One additional comment, it would be great if you all would report on any technologies that could slow or reverse global warming.  Otherwise, the grind of bad news tends to wear one down.

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