Maya Buchanan

Maya Buchanan


Dr. Maya Buchanan serves as Climate Central’s Sea-Level Rise Scientist, where she focuses on assessing physical, social, and economic impacts of sea level rise. She also serves as the Chapter Scientist and a contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s upcoming special report on the ocean, and is an expert for the New York City Panel on Climate Change task forces on sea level rise and coastal flooding.

Previously, Dr. Buchanan worked as a liaison for the White House Subcommittee on Global Change Research and as a climate change expert, translating climate science into metrics for risk management and resilience for local and national governments. She earned her Ph.D. from Princeton University, M.S. from the Johns Hopkins University, and B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis.

Selected Publications

Rasmussen, D. J., Bittermann, K., Buchanan, M. K., Kulp, S., Strauss, B. H., Kopp, R. E., & Oppenheimer, M. (2018). Extreme sea level implications of 1.5° C, 2.0° C, and 2.5° C temperature stabilization targets in the 21st and 22nd centuriesEnvironmental Research Letters13(3), 034040.

Buchanan, M. K., Oppenheimer, M., & Kopp, R. E. (2017). Amplification of flood frequencies with local sea level rise and emerging flood regimesEnvironmental Research Letters12(6), 064009.

Buchanan, M. K., Kopp, R. E., Oppenheimer, M., & Tebaldi, C. (2016). Allowances for evolving coastal flood risk under uncertain local sea-level riseClimatic Change137(3-4), 347-362.

Kopp, R. E., Broccoli, A., Horton, B., Kreeger, D., Leichenko, R., Miller, J. A., ... & Weaver, C. P. (2016). Assessing New Jersey’s Exposure to Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Storms: Report of the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance Science and Technical Advisory PanelPrepared for the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance. New Brunswick, New Jersey.