Woods Placky Talks Climate Change in Alaska

Program Summary

The Arctic is on a lot of people's minds right now as President Obama makes an historic visit to Alaska. The three-day trip is putting the impacts of climate change front and center, and Obama is using it as a platform to showcase why reducing carbon emissions is so urgent.

The Weather Channel's newest show, Wunderground TV, highlighted Obama's trip and climate impacts on local communities. Host Mike Bettes welcomed Bernadette Woods Placky, Climate Central's chief meteorologist, to the show to talk about why Alaska is a prime spot to discuss the impacts of climate change.

The state has warmed by 3°F since 1950 and has also seen a rapid uptick in wildfires, thawing permafrost, receding sea ice, rising seas and a host other changes driven in large part by rising temperatures.

“The place to see that change is the Arctic and Alaska,” Woods Placky said. “It really is the frontier of so many issues going on with climate change right now.”

Obama's trip to Alaska could make the consequences of climate change clearer.