Brian Kahn Explains the Developing El Nino

Program Summary

There's been an El Niño Watch in place since March but the climate phenomenon has yet to fully arrive on the scene. But the great wait for elusive climate phenomenon — which can alter weather patterns around the world — might finally be coming to an end as the atmosphere and ocean are finally starting to line up. 

Climate Central's Brian Kahn was on Al Jazeera America's America Tonight to talk about the current state of El Niño, a warming of ocean waters in the eastern tropical Pacific, and if there's any connection between the emerging climate phenomenon and the recent floods that have drenched parts of the Southwest and Texas. Above-normal precipitation in the region is one of the hallmarks of El Niño-fueled weather patterns. Californians are also hoping that if El Niño does form, it could bring rains to their drought-parched state, though the strength of El Niño will help determine how likely that is to happen.