Massive ‘Debilitating’ Heat Wave Expands Eastward

  • Published: Jun 28th, 2012

Extreme heat is affecting more than a dozen states, smashing records that were set during the Dust Bowl era.

Watching from Afar as Fiery Turn Burns Our Beloved City

  • Published: Jun 28th, 2012

Having lived in Colorado Springs, watching the wildfire threatening to engulf the city feels personal.

Colorado Wildfires Explained in One Chart

  • Published: Jun 27th, 2012

With Colorado wildfires raging, this chart shows the key role played by the lack of snowfall, and early snowmelt.

Heat Wave Adds to Wildfire Woes, Expands East

  • Published: Jun 27th, 2012

After aggravating the West's destructive wildfires, record heat will engulf much of the country this week.

The Best & Latest Info to Track the Wildfires in Colorado

  • Published: Jun 26th, 2012

Where to go to find the latest information on the Colorado wildfires, as well as other fires burning in the West.

Image of the Day: Fighting Fires Or Finishing Off Fish?

  • Published: Jun 23rd, 2012

The ingredients of red slurry, a fire-retardant chemical, are toxic and may threaten fish and drinking water.

‘Heat is On’ Is Front & Center on Rachel Maddow Show

  • Published: Jun 14th, 2012

Guest host Ezra Klein discussed the state-by-state temperature trends highlighted in our report, "The Heat is On".

Wildfires in Western U.S. to Increase with Climate Change

  • Published: Jun 14th, 2012

Under projected models of a warming planet, fire frequency could increase in the U.S. within 30 years.