Can Trees Keep Up With Climate Change?

  • Published: Nov 9th, 2011

Research indicates trees may have a more difficult time adapting to climate change than previously thought.

Changing Jellyfish Season Could Alter Chesapeake Bay Food Chain

  • Published: Jun 7th, 2011

New research suggests that warming waters in Chesapeake Bay are bringing earlier jellyfish blooms, making it tougher for fish to find food.

Interactive: Small Modular Reactors - Safe and Cheaper?

Interactive: Small Modular Reactors - Safe and Cheaper?

  • Published: Apr 24th, 2011

For decades, some nuclear engineers have been pushing an alternate technology that they claim could address all the concerns of conventional nuclear reactors. Called Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), these plants,would be inherently cheaper to build and safer to operate than conventional plants.

In Sarasota, Businesses Take Small Steps to Confront Climate Risks

  • Published: Apr 7th, 2011

Aware of the risks of hurricanes and sea level rise, study finds business owners in Sarasota, Fla. still aren't taking key steps to plan.

Fossil Fuel Expansion Continues with New Coal Mining, Offshore Drilling

  • Published: Apr 6th, 2011

While pushing for clean energy development, the Obama administration is also presiding over an expansion of domestic fossil fuel production.

Climate Change Places Unique Demands on US Naval Forces, Report Says

  • Published: Mar 11th, 2011

Climate change is a national security concern that needs to be taken into account by U.S. maritime forces, a new report finds.

Study Finds Ice Sheets Becoming Dominant Contributor to Sea Level Rise

  • Published: Mar 9th, 2011

A new study finds the rate at which the massive ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting has been accelerating during the past two decades.

Weekly Climate Science Roundup: March 1-7

  • Published: Mar 8th, 2011

A round up of noteworthy climate science studies published during the first week of March.