The Week That Was: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

  • Published: Feb 18th, 2012

Some of it was depressing, some of it uplifting. And yes, some of it was strange. Enjoy.

The Week That Was: Floods, Steroids & Hollywood Stars

  • Published: Feb 11th, 2012

A summary of the Week That Was at Climate Central. It’s all here for you, the best of the best in a week that featured floods, the climate on steroids and a few Hollywood stars.

Climate Change a Growing Risk For U.S. Water Supplies

  • Published: Feb 8th, 2012

Rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and sea level rise are all putting pressure on access to fresh water

Video A Home Run on Steroids, Baseball & Climate Change

  • Published: Feb 8th, 2012

A delightful cartoon video from NCAR explaining how greenhouse gases have a similar impact to steroids in a baseball player.

Super Bowl is Coming Out Party for this Snowless Winter

  • Published: Feb 6th, 2012

Sunday’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis capped this snowless winter’s coming-out party as temperatures pushed 60 degrees and fans basked in balmy weather.

Did Global Warming Destroy My Hometown?

  • Published: Feb 1st, 2012

Last May, a massive tornado leveled Joplin, Missouri. Was it chance, or a warning of things to come?

Did Global Warming Cause Sidney Crosby’s Concussion?

  • Published: Jan 30th, 2012

Sidney Crosby's concussion brings into focus the parallels between climate change and the NHL's resistance to science.

New Study Casts Doubt on “Missing Heat” Hypothesis

  • Published: Jan 30th, 2012

Have you heard the tale about the “missing heat” in the climate system? Well, it turns out it may not have gone missing after all.