Weekly Climate Science Roundup

  • Published: Feb 15th, 2011

Noteworthy climate science studies published between February 8 and 14th.

20 Big U.S. Cities that Should Worry About Sea Level Rise

20 Big U.S. Cities that Should Worry About Sea Level Rise

  • Published: Feb 9th, 2011

A new study highlights 180 regions in the U.S. where sea level rise is likely to have a major impact. Here are photos of the 20 cities with populations over 300,000 which are likely to be affected.

The Year the Arctic Shifted South

  • Published: Feb 7th, 2011

This winter has featured unusually cold and snowy conditions in the Lower-48 states, with much milder than average conditions in the Arctic.

NASA Visualizes Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay Area

  • Published: Feb 7th, 2011

NASA says two-thirds of its facilities in San Francisco Bay are at risk from sea-level rise, according to new research.

Arctic Ice Melt Adding More Heat to the Atmosphere Than Previously Thought

  • Published: Jan 20th, 2011

A new study says that melting snow and ice cover in the Northern Hemisphere is causing more warming than computer models predicted.

How Do We Know: Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice

How Do We Know: Shrinking Arctic Sea Ice

  • Published: Jan 10th, 2011

Learn how NASA scientists are tracking the melting Arctic sea ice and what less ice means for global warming in the future.

Montana Meets Vietnam

  • Published: Dec 29th, 2010

A group of students from the University of Montana is learning first-hand about how climate change may threaten Southeast Asia.

Tidal Energy Tests the Waters

  • Published: Dec 6th, 2010

Tidal power is garnering increasing attention as a niche supplier of renewable alternative energy in several coastal states.