Maps Show Quarter Million New Yorkers Reside Below Potential Storm Surge Level

Maps Show Quarter Million New Yorkers Reside Below Potential Storm Surge Level

  • Published: Aug 26th, 2011

Based on the 2010 Census and Climate Central's map analysis, climate change-related sea level rise has put more New Yorkers at risk of flooding from Hurricane Irene.

Offshore Wind Energy Potential Boosted During Heat Wave, Data Shows

  • Published: Jul 29th, 2011

The July heat wave brought record electricity demand and steady, high winds at the site of a future wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod.

Sea Level Rise to Put the “Squeeze” on Coastal Georgia

  • Published: Jul 25th, 2011

Georgia’s 100-mile coastline has waxed and waned with changing sea levels for thousands of years, surviving by shifting miles in the process. And it's doing so once more.

Battling an Ancient Scourge, With Satellites and Sari Cloth

  • Published: Jul 6th, 2011

Rising temperatures and gene mutations have given apparently unflagging legs to the current cholera epidemic. But researchers are finding ways to fight back.

Ancient Warming Has Disturbing Implications for Our Future

  • Published: Jun 9th, 2011

A dramatic episode of prehistoric global warming involved carbon buildup only a tenth as fast as what's going on now, a new study finds.

Rising Seas On Tap for the West Coast?

  • Published: May 4th, 2011

After a thirty-year hiatus, the West Coast from California to Washington may be about to experience sea-level rise once more.

In Sarasota, Businesses Take Small Steps to Confront Climate Risks

  • Published: Apr 7th, 2011

Aware of the risks of hurricanes and sea level rise, study finds business owners in Sarasota, Fla. still aren't taking key steps to plan.

Higher Winds, Higher Waves: But Is It Climate Change?

  • Published: Mar 28th, 2011

A new paper in Science says that wind speeds and wave heights have increased in the world's oceans over the past 20 years. What it doesn't say is why.