Interactive: Small Modular Reactors - Safe and Cheaper?

Interactive: Small Modular Reactors - Safe and Cheaper?

  • Published: Apr 24th, 2011

For decades, some nuclear engineers have been pushing an alternate technology that they claim could address all the concerns of conventional nuclear reactors. Called Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), these plants,would be inherently cheaper to build and safer to operate than conventional plants.

M.V. Ramana on Safety at Nuclear Power Plants

M.V. Ramana on Safety at Nuclear Power Plants

  • Published: Apr 23rd, 2011

Engineers who design nuclear plants can plan a worst case scenario, but this may not be enough to prevent all accidents.

Chernobyl, 25 Years Later: It’s Not Over Yet

  • Published: Apr 22nd, 2011

The worst nuclear disaster in history has faded from many peoples' memories —┬ábut in Ukraine, where it all happened, its devastating effects are still unfolding.

In Tennessee, Heat Waves Diminish Nuclear Power Output

  • Published: Apr 10th, 2011

With heat waves on the rise, last summer's nuclear slowdown in Tennessee may be a sign of things to come.

Interactive Maps: Worldwide Nuclear Power

  • Published: Mar 29th, 2011

Interactive maps shed light on the current state of the nuclear industry around the world.

Sea Level Rise Brings Added Risks to Coastal Nuclear Plants

  • Published: Mar 23rd, 2011

Sea level rise will exacerbate storm surge flooding, scientists say, which means more severe "worst-case scenarios" for plants like Florida's Turkey Point.

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Sparks Conversation on Energy Safety

  • Published: Mar 15th, 2011

How will the ongoing Japanese nuclear crisis affect the US political consensus on nuclear energy?

What Does Nuclear Power Cost?

What Does Nuclear Power Cost?

  • Published: Apr 28th, 2010

We don't know what it will cost to build the next nuclear power plant in the U.S.