Did Global Warming Destroy My Hometown?

  • Published: Jan 26th, 2012

Last May, a massive tornado leveled Joplin, Missouri. Was it chance, or a warning of things to come?

Feds Worry U.S. isn’t Ready for Severe Weather

  • Published: Jan 25th, 2012

Severe weather took a large toll on life and property in the U.S. last year, partly because people didn't trust or understand weather forecasters.

Mother Nature on Steroids

  • Published: Dec 28th, 2011

2011 was no ordinary year as Mother Nature slammed Americans with one deadly weather event after another.

Global Warming and Malaria: It’s Kind of Complicated

  • Published: Dec 22nd, 2011

As temperatures warm and animals hosting infectious diseases take on a wider range, many factors come into play complicating predictions on what to expect

Climate Change May Boost a Lethal Disease

  • Published: Nov 29th, 2011

The newly discovered virus Hendra has roared fully into life with more outbreaks in 2011 than in the 16 previous years.

Battling an Ancient Scourge, With Satellites and Sari Cloth

  • Published: Jul 6th, 2011

Rising temperatures and gene mutations have given apparently unflagging legs to the current cholera epidemic. But researchers are finding ways to fight back.

Chernobyl, 25 Years Later: It’s Not Over Yet

  • Published: Apr 22nd, 2011

The worst nuclear disaster in history has faded from many peoples' memories —┬ábut in Ukraine, where it all happened, its devastating effects are still unfolding.

Sniffle, Snort, Achoo! Allergy Season is Extending, Scientists Find.

  • Published: Feb 21st, 2011

Pollen season is lengthening in proportion to warming observed in North America: An extra two weeks, on average, across Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Minnesota.