Podcast: Balancing an Emissions Budget

  • Published: Aug 23rd, 2010

January - July 2010 Hottest on Record, Report Says

  • Published: Aug 17th, 2010

CLIMATE CENTRAL - After the second warmest July on record, 2010 is shaping up to be one of the hottest years on the books.

What Are the Greenhouse Emissions from Nuclear Power?

What Are the Greenhouse Emissions from Nuclear Power?

  • Published: Apr 28th, 2010

Greenhouse gas emissions from nuclear power are low by just about any measure.

Green Investments Spur Growth, Emissions Cuts

  • Published: Apr 21st, 2010

DAILY CLIMATE - Households surpass industry as nation's largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Has Global Warming Stopped?

Has Global Warming Stopped?

  • Published: Feb 12th, 2010

Global warming has slowed a little over the past decade or so, but nobody with a clue about climate change thinks this means the problem has gone away

Taking the Carbon Out of Coal

Taking the Carbon Out of Coal

  • Published: Dec 26th, 2009

Carbon capture and sequestration or CCS is a technology that can remove carbon dioxide emitted by a power plant and store it underground. Climate Central visits the site of a proposed coal plant in Linden, NJ to find out how it is done.