‘Virtual Water’ - A New Way to Look at Climate Impacts

  • Published: Oct 19th, 2012

A Princeton University research team has found a side benefit that may partially offset the emissions impact of world trade.

Wind Power Has its Limits, But It’s Not the Sky

  • Published: Sep 9th, 2012

Could existence of wind turbines slow the planet’s winds to the point where they couldn’t generate any more energy?

Reinventing Transportation by Day, Making Music By Night

  • Published: Jul 24th, 2012

Meet Joan Ogden, a physicist & co-director of the Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways program at UC-Davis.

Image of the Day: Greening Roofs With White Paint

  • Published: Jun 30th, 2012

White roofs in cities could prevent the world from emitting billions of tons of CO2, according to the White Roof Project.

Tree-Hugging, Organic-Buying Spoof Hits Sunny Spot

  • Published: May 10th, 2012

if you're trying to make a case for people to take advantage of solar power, a little humor might just go a long way.

New Breakthrough in Solar? Maybe. Possibly. Or Not.

  • Published: Dec 21st, 2011

New study finds a way to double the efficiency of solar cells while cutting the cost. Is this finally the solution we have been looking for?

Two East Coast Cities Set Sights On Energy Efficiency

  • Published: Jul 8th, 2011

Recent conferences in Philadelphia and New York take two different approaches to improving cities' energy efficiency.

Public Lands Ripe for Renewable Energy Development, Report Says

  • Published: May 26th, 2011

The Obama administration is speeding up efforts to tap the renewable energy potential of public land across the U.S.