News Impacts

Montana Oil Spill Illustrates Climate-Related Risks to Pipelines, Experts Say

  • Published: Jul 8th, 2011

As oil spill cleanup continues along Montana's Yellowstone River, climate science reports show increasing risks of similar pipeline accidents from flooding.

Battling an Ancient Scourge, With Satellites and Sari Cloth

  • Published: Jul 6th, 2011

Rising temperatures and gene mutations have given apparently unflagging legs to the current cholera epidemic. But researchers are finding ways to fight back.

Updated Statistics Show the “Normal” US Climate is Getting Warmer

  • Published: Jun 29th, 2011

What used to be an unusually warm day isn't so abnormal anymore, according to newly updated national climate averages.

Global Warming May Push Joshua Trees Out of Namesake National Park

  • Published: Jun 27th, 2011

Scientists are concerned that climate change may force the Joshua tree, an icon of the Southwestern desert, to shift its range and decline in number.

Increase in Hurricane Numbers Due to Better Detection, Not Climate Change, Study Says

  • Published: Jun 17th, 2011

New study finds that a trend towards more frequent Atlantic hurricanes since the 1940s may be largely due to better ways of detecting them.

Southwest Wildfires and Global Warming, Explained

  • Published: Jun 15th, 2011

Fueled by drought conditions, the 2011 wildfire season is off to an explosive start. Is this a preview of what's to come with global warming?

Global Warming Brings Unusual Springtime Snowpack Decline in the West, New Study Finds

  • Published: Jun 9th, 2011

A new study finds unusually large losses of springtime snow cover in the West in recent years, raising concerns about water supplies.

Changing Jellyfish Season Could Alter Chesapeake Bay Food Chain

  • Published: Jun 7th, 2011

New research suggests that warming waters in Chesapeake Bay are bringing earlier jellyfish blooms, making it tougher for fish to find food.