News Heat

Australasia Has Hottest 60 Years in a Millennium

  • Published: May 20th, 2012

Study of tree rings, corals and ice cores finds unnatural spike in temperatures that lines up with manmade climate change.

Rare Beast: For Many, March Was Warmer Than April

  • Published: Apr 26th, 2012

According to a Climate Central analysis, nearly 140 locations in the U.S. had a warmer March than April to date.

Climate Change Has Outsize Effect on Corn Price Volatility

  • Published: Apr 22nd, 2012

Climate change-fueled heat waves and droughts play a large role in the volatility of corn prices.

Warmest Ever? You Bet. March Temps Fry All Records

  • Published: Apr 9th, 2012

With a heat wave that sent temperatures soaring to summer-like levels, March was officially the warmest such month in history.

Report Details Climate Change, Extreme Weather Links

  • Published: Mar 28th, 2012

A new IPCC report lays out the ways that climate change-related extreme events are raising the risks of disasters worldwide.

Global Warming May Have Fueled March Heat Wave Odds

  • Published: Mar 26th, 2012

Climate experts said global warming probably has had some influence on the March heat wave, making it more likely.

If You Thought It Was Hot Last Summer . . .

  • Published: Feb 17th, 2012

A new study finds an increased likelihood for very hot summers in the U.S., driven in part by global warming.

A Bittersweet Future for Chocolate and Valentine’s Day

  • Published: Feb 14th, 2012

The rising temperatures in West Africa are expected to damage a major portion of cocoa supplies, raising chocolate prices.