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Global Cooling is Bunk, Draft NASA Study Finds

  • Published: Mar 22nd, 2010

DAILY CLIMATE - Global warming has neither stopped nor slowed in the past decade, according to a draft analysis of temperature data by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Study: Can Hurricanes Cause Climate Change?

  • Published: Feb 25th, 2010

TIME - Scientists have long suspected that global warming could make hurricanes more intense in some way, but a new study in Nature suggests the effect works both ways: tropical cyclones could help drive up temperatures in response.

Fuel from Tobacco?

  • Published: Feb 23rd, 2010

CLIMATE CENTRAL - Scientists think tobacco may provide a missing link for biofuels.

Ethanol’s Contrasting Carbon Footprints

  • Published: Feb 12th, 2010

DAILY CLIMATE - Feds conclude corn-based biofuels help reduce emissions, in contrast to California regulators, who said they don't. Who's right? Oddly enough, both may be.

Studies Predict Fewer But Stronger Hurricanes

  • Published: Jan 22nd, 2010

TIME - The relationship between climate change and hurricanes is anything but settled.

Climate Change: How Fast Is the Earth Shifting?

  • Published: Dec 27th, 2009

CLIMATE CENTRAL - A new study calculates the physical velocity of climate change.

Predictions of Sea Level Rise Are Increasing

  • Published: Dec 21st, 2009

CLIMATE CENTRAL - A new study in Nature suggests that the conventional wisdom on long-term sea-level rise in a warmer world is too low.

Solar Power from Space: Moving Beyond Science Fiction

  • Published: Aug 31st, 2009

YALE E360 - For more than 40 years, scientists have dreamed of collecting the sun’s energy in space and beaming it back to Earth. Now, a host of technological advances, coupled with interest from the U.S. military, may be bringing that vision close to reality.