Scientists Identify Human Connection to Precipitation Extremes

  • Published: Feb 16th, 2011

A pair of new studies show humans are influencing the occurrence of unusually heavy rainfall events.

Colleges Turn to Biomass to Cut Emissions

  • Published: Feb 14th, 2011

Some colleges are turning to biomass energy to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

January Was Cooler and Drier Than Average Across the US

  • Published: Feb 9th, 2011

The result of a mix of La Nina and other climate cycles, the U.S. experienced a colder and drier than average January.

Renewable Cost Parity: Is Wind Competitive With Gas?

  • Published: Feb 8th, 2011

The American Wind Energy Association claims wind power is largely cost competitive with natural gas. But what does "competitive" really mean?

Old Weather is Shedding New Light on Climate

  • Published: Feb 4th, 2011

Using an immense collection of historical weather data, researchers have modeled weather around the globe going as far back as 1871.

Deadly Floods in Pakistan Were “Predictable,” Study Says

  • Published: Feb 3rd, 2011

A new study shows the devastating Pakistan floods could have been anticipated if a forecasting network had been in place.

Can We Trust Climate Models? Increasingly, The Answer is ‘Yes’

  • Published: Jan 31st, 2011

Scientists are becoming more adept at projecting climate conditions using advances in computer modeling techniques.

Ethical Dilemma Profoundly Sways Economics of Climate Change

  • Published: Jan 27th, 2011

Do we worry now about the consequences of our carbon-intensive lifestyle, or do we let our children cope?