Increased salinity is a danger to blue crabs

The blue crab catch crashed in Georgia between 1998 and 2004,[[Georgia Department of Natural Resources. “Georgia Blue Crab Landings 1989 - 2008,” (PDF) 2008.]] leading the Georgia Coastal Resource Division of the Department of Natural Resources to declare the fishery a failure in 2004. The cause was an increase in salinity in estuaries, and while this was largely due to a drought from 1998 to 2002 that decreased the freshwater flowing from rivers into the rising sea level caused by climate change also pushes saltwater into estuaries, affecting both plants and animals. It turns out that a deadly crab parasite is more abundant in saltier water; about 60% of crabs caught during the drought were found to have the parasite.[[Lee, R. and M. Fischer. “The Decline of the Blue Crab.” American Scientist 92, no. 6 (2004): 548.]]