Our World, Our Climate, Made Clear

December 2015

Climate Central communicates the science of climate change through programs that make the impacts clear, local and relevant – from empowering TV meteorologists to provide weather in a climate context to creating websites where a simple zip code can provide a dazzling array of info about what’s happening in your neighborhood.

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Our top video today captures the spirit of ambition we feel coming out of the Paris COP21 climate talks earlier this month. We share this with thanks to those of you who follow us, who support us, who inspire us with your actions and commitments to a sustainable future.




Watch these 1-minute videos capturing some
of Climate Central's flagship programs and projects.

    1.    Empowering TV Meteorologists

    2.    Groundbreaking New Website

    3.    Grading State Preparedness

    4.    Picturing Future Impacts, Making Choices Clear