National Science Foundation’s climate-science education program criticized


Climate Central works to educate the public on the science and effects of climate change. We are an independent organization and scrupulously avoid advocating for any policy or political position.

On June 20th, four U.S. Senators who have long opposed the scientific consensus on climate change – Senators Cruz, Paul, Lankford and ​Inhofe – wrote to the National Science Foundation’s Inspector General requesting a review of the appropriateness of several grants under NSF’s longstanding program to advance informal science education.  Among the grants cited are ones for Climate Central’s Climate Matters, program, which regularly provides well-established climate science information to broadcast meteorologists and journalists.  Much of that information is drawn from sources such as NOAA and NASA; both agencies have served on the program’s advisory board since its inception.

The Senator’s letter incorrectly characterizes Climate Central as an advocacy group, based on a six-year-old opinion piece that Climate Central immediately rebutted at the time.  Presenting the scientific consensus on climate change is not a political viewpoint.

We are proud to have been awarded funding through NSF’s highly competitive program to advance informal science education.