Heat Wave Continues, With Record Warm Overnight Lows

  • Published: Jul 21st, 2011

Use this interactive to examine the record warm overnight low temperatures that have marked this summer's intense heat wave.

What’s Normal Weather, Anyway?

  • Published: Jun 30th, 2011

A redefinition of what counts as normal weather has just been released by NOAA. Our new interactive graphic lets you explore the changes

Track the Nation’s Rivers: Missouri River Floods and Southern Drought

  • Published: Jun 20th, 2011

Use our streamflow tool to monitor river flows in your area, and keep tabs on the Missouri River flooding and Southern drought.

Exploring Fuel Efficiency: How Much Are You Spending on Gas?

Exploring Fuel Efficiency: How Much Are You Spending on Gas?

  • Published: May 26th, 2011

With the summer driving season upon us, use this widget to figure out the true costs of driving, including carbon emissions.

Small Modular Reactors: Safer and Cheaper?

  • Published: Apr 21st, 2011

For decades, some nuclear engineers have been pushing an alternate technology that they claim could address most of the concerns of large conventional reactors.

Interactive Maps: Worldwide Nuclear Power

  • Published: Mar 29th, 2011

Interactive maps shed light on the current state of the nuclear industry around the world.