Tree-Hugging, Organic-Buying Spoof Hits Sunny Spot

We're suckers for humor. And Heaven knows, there's very little about climate change that is funny. But if you're trying to make a case for people to take advantage of solar power, a little humor might just go a long way.

That's what a company called SunRun is hoping for in unveiling a hilarious new ad campaign. The message behind it is that solar power is cheaper than any other form of energy. And in making that point, why not poke fun at the tree-hugging, organic-buying stereotype of environmentalists? In one spot, a SunRun customer is arguing that he's going solar for the cost savings, not because he's a weird “pickling guy” and turns out to be just that guy anyway. 

Solar companies know they have a tough chore ahead, convincing people raised on oil- and coal-based energy and reluctant to embrace something new — especially something that sounds as new-agey as solar panels. But what they have on their side is that people also want to save money, so advertising that solar is the cheapest form of energy (in many places, anyway) is a smart strategy. SunRun offers free installation of solar panels and even maintains them, using a system called a solar lease. 

Of course, you wish saving the planet and combating climate change was enough motivation for people, but since that hasn't proved to be true yet, the economic angle is a wise one.

Now our only question is, soy flax seeds?