Interactive Look at Top 11 Indicators of a Warming World

By Climate Central

Climate scientists are 95 percent certain that the greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are causing the climate to change. From 1901-2012, temperatures have risen 1.6°F. While this temperature change is the most commonly cited climate change indicator, there are numerous others that also show what climate change looks like. They range from rising seas to melting glaciers and ice sheets to changing ecosystems. In the above graphic, you can view 11 of these indicators and see how they’ve changed as the Earth has warmed.

These indicators are discussed in-depth in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report, the first part of which will be released Sept. 27. The reports, which come out every five to six years, provide a comprehensive snapshot of how the planet is changing. While there are questions about the direction the IPCC should go after this release, the indicators discussed in the report clearly showcase how the planet is changing.

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