Image of the Day: Greening Roofs With White Paint

The grassroots organization White Roof Project paints an urban roof white. The organization is trying to motivate people all over the country to adopt a building and paint its roof white. Most urban rooftops in the U.S. are black and this causes the buildings to take in exceptional amounts of heat, making cooling them very energy intensive, according to the White Roof Project. Darkly colored roofs also contribute to creating urban heat islands, which are cities that are much warmer than surrounding rural areas, which, according to the EPA, can greatly increase urban energy use in the summer. Painting a roof white reflects sunlight and helps cool down cities, allowing them to use less energy and have lower greenhouse gas emissions. On a 90°F day, a building with a black roof is 115°F on the inside while a building with a white roof is only 80°F inside, according to the White Roof Project. The White Roof Project wants to paint the roofs of the entire world white. If they succeed, they claim we would reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 24 billion metric tons a year.

Credit: jcpe/White Roof Project