Image of the Day: Weird Weather Worries Organizers

After a summer of unusually wet weather, and now bizarrely hot days, London will welcome the Olympic Games on Friday with Opening Ceremonies.

After having the “wettest April and June on record,” according to the Los Angeles Times, just weeks before Opening Ceremonies, London games organizers were mopping up the moisture at the Olympic venues and creating back-up plans in case the rain was to heavy to let some events, like rowing or equestrian, continue on schedule. Sebastian Coe, the London 2012 Chairman, told the Guardian on July 17, that the damp weather was “proving quite a challenge to us. We've got waterlogged sites, we've got resurfacing taking place, particularly in some of our more sensitive sites, our more rural sites.”

However, the recent sunshine has rid the committee of their waterlogged venue problem and Britain’s weird summer has given organizers a new hurdle. The unusually high temperatures have put a stress on the trains in London, with tracks crucial for transporting participants and spectators alike to the Olympic Park buckling in the heat and some train lines ceasing to run altogether.

The LA Times reports that the strangely fluctuating weather in the United Kingdom will continue; forecasts predict the heat will break next week with cloudy skies and rainy weather returning once again. 

Credit: London 2012