Image of the Day: Invasion of the Jellyfish

Due to the warm water temperatures and salinity levels, Delaware and Maryland beaches and perhaps many others on the East Coast are expecting jellyfish to visit earlier this year. The warm weather, which helps heat up the water temps, typically bring about jellyfish on the shores of the East. However, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), sea nettles surface when the water temperature is 68 degrees and in June, Ocean City water temps were between 65 to 69 degrees. Saline levels in the water determine the distribution of the sea nettles, and the National Ocean Service says that lack of precipitation has resulted in an increase in salinity in the ocean, as reported on The Weather Channel. The warm winter has caused more sea nettles to emerge earlier than usual, and ecologists say they will probably hang around longer.

Credit: flickr/jimg944