Image of the Day: This Tale Reeks of Rats

As many will recall, last winter was unseasonably warm. So warm, in fact, that the December-through-February period came in as fourth-warmest winter on record for the Lower 48 states. And while many residents in Chicago were likely celebrating the mild season, they are now dealing with the unpleasant after effects — rodents. 

Thanks to the warm weather, the predominant brown rat foraged for food throughout the winter with uncharacteristic ease, reports the Chicago Tribune. And now, as a result, the number of calls to the city requesting rat removal is up 28 percent compared to last year while the number of cases where crews put out poison to kill rats is up more than 19 percent.

If long-term warming continues in the region, Chicago residents should get used to a city where rodents run rampant. 

Credit: surprisetruck/flickr