Image of the Day: Fewer Fireworks for Fourth in Colorado

There are already enough fireworks in Colorado. At least that’s what Gov. John Hickenlooper (D), thinks. On June 14, he banned private operation of fireworks in all of Colorado to limit the risk of stray sparks that could add to the wildfires currently burning across the state, says Discovery News. Under the ban, the Huffington Post reports, “professional fireworks displays” are allowed if operators are granted permission from sheriffs in their county. More than 40 cities have canceled their Fourth of July fireworks presentations, including Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, areas particularly affected by the wildfires.

Firecrackers and fireworks have been cited as the causes of wildfires in the past and are at fault for a wildfire currently raging in Montana, according to Discovery News. With its parched landscapes and continuing heat, Colorado is taking no chances.

Credit: Steve Bullard's Blog